Marlos Bakker is from Rio de Janeiro and was initially interested in photography through the course of Industrial Design – Visual Communication, at UFRJ. Subsequently he took further courses in photography, painting, drawing and art history at Scuola L’orenzo de ‘Medici in Florence and at UCLA in Los Angeles, cities where he lived before moving to Sao Paulo. His projects seek to observe society through the individual. Recently he joined the photography collection of Pinacoteca of São Paulo, had his first book 05007-002 05005-060 indicated as one of the 10 best releases of 2017 by ZUM / IMS magazine, was selected for the CCSP 2018 Exhibition Program, was the winner of the Acquisition Prize of the 14th SNAI, of the I Gávea Award for Photography 2016 and of the Brazil Photography Award 2015. He was also finalist for the Conrado Wessel Awards (2014 and 2013), Diário Contemporâneo de Fotografia (2014), Discoveries PHoto España (2015 and 2013) , 39th National Contemporary Art Fair of Ribeirão Preto (2014), Transatlántica PHoto España AECID (2013), and also awarded a scholarship to participate in the Fotofest 2014 Biennial in Houston. His photographic essay What do fishes dream about? was exhibited at the Casa das Américas in Madrid as part of the official selection of Photo España 2014 and his essay 05007-002 05005-060 was exhibited at the Pinacoteca of São Paulo at the exhibition Antilogies: the Photographic at Pinacoteca.