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If there is a common denominator running through my work, I would describe it as ‘encounters’. By ‘encounters’ I don’t mean an encounter with the Other, but a self encounter, whether through something that affects us, that connects with us, or through pure introspection, with our most intimate being.

In order to quietly approach these sudden intimate moments in the midst of the city, I camouflage myself in the urban space and, as if on a photographic safari, I become a predator lying in wait: I set up ambushes in ‘invisible’ places, cracks in the natural habitat of the everyday and, there, I discreetly hide, waiting patiently to capture my prey. In São Paulo, as in a jungle, we are carried along from one place to another, seeking out our requirements, our sustenance, our repose. Sooner or later, even the most solitary individuals must venture from their refuge and expose themselves.

When my hunt proves successful, what I capture are rare moments when, in the midst of the vast city, we are like naked, primitive animals, stripped of our social masks. Caught with our guard down, defenceless, thoughts appear to flow more freely across each individual’s face, we can almost hear them, take hold of them, trap them…

And so, like someone returning from a trip, I always bring back many stories. Yet the camera lens, my narrative accomplice, ready to capture (and catalogue) the world and its inhabitants, is also my boundary, keeping me at a distance. Of the individuality of existence that struggles to breathe beneath the all-encompassing city, all I can seize of the life of another is a frame. And for what I miss, there is always the endless power of imagination…

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