the other, the same

o outro o mesmo

‘In all the laws of physics that we have found so far there does not seem to be any distinction between the past and the future. The moving picture should work the same going both ways, and the physicist who looks at it should not laugh.’ (Richard Feynman in the lecture ‘The distinction of past and future’)

The other, the same is a video set among the curves of a pedestrian bridge where images continuously unfold in opposite directions, like a skein whose ends are pulled simultaneously. One part indicates the past while, symmetrically, the other reaches toward the future, creating a temporal fracture in which past, present and future become entangled. The video was filmed as a long take in which, merging with the unpredictable coming and going of passers-by on that day, there is a fictional character who regularly completes a circuit and realigns himself with his reflection, like a mysterious memory of himself. As we listen to the soundtrack, which reinforces the mystery and strangeness of what we see before us, we cannot help thinking that perhaps, quite simply, it is not time that passes, but ourselves.


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