SDDS 3404

Using a WhatsApp group for plane spotters, I started to share, learn about and attend meetups for photographing aeroplanes at airports and, sometimes, at the homes of the friends I had made (known as home-spotting), usually in neighbourhoods or deprived communities close to runway thresholds.

After almost two years of shared experiences, I had the idea of transferring all the content spontaneously shared in the group (text and audio messages, photos and videos) to my computer and using editing – a time conducive to analysing and interpreting facts – to put together a ‘documentary’ in which participants themselves would narrate their experiences without being questioned at any moment on the issue. In a kind of virtual bar environment, around 85 people from across Brazil discuss the passion that is their hobby, as well as the difficulties they encounter along the way. After I showed the group the video, many of them became emotional at seeing their relatively little known hobby, which is regarded derisively by outsiders, plucked from the shadows and portrayed in a respectful way.

The title of the work refers to the curious fact that, when the nearly 170,000 chat messages were entered into a wordcount, the most repeated word was SDDS, an abbreviation for ‘saudades’, used to express a sense of longing. The word was written 3404 times in 15 months.





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