Each $ Is Yours_

that chew the cane That chewed it like people that chew the cane That chewed it before The grinding of the mill That chewed other people before themJoão Cabral de Melo Neto in “O Rio – Encontro com a Usina”


fter providing services to technology multinationals operating in Brazil, I became familiar with the work ideology that governs their environments, in most cases, very far from the reality of the actual labor market. With the intention of verifying a supposed balance in the relationships between employees and employers, propagated by such phrases as ``Act like an owner`` and ``Every dollar is yours,`` I pored over the spreadsheets of the annual growth reports of several companies, in contrast to the similarly growing unemployment numbers in our country. As the nature of numerical data, by itself, denotes a certain coldness and impersonality, most often incapable of expressing the commotion of what everyday life communicates to us, to better illustrate the feeling that the calculation of these accounts instilled in me, I decided to use a popular, universal form of expression: music. From a frequency generator an electronic score was created, in which data goes in one end and a series of melodies comes out the other. Preserving the proper proportions and places of speech, I thought of the work songs when I heard the melancholic outcome of these compositions. But a contemporary song: without vocals, without the rhythm of the body and without the worker even. A song made by the machine and the coldness of the system. Still, trying to understand who is this person idealized by motivational phrases taken as the fundamental principles and values of companies, I created one more rule with an eye on another poetic result: I inserted dozens of these sentences into a word counter in which, the more a word is repeated, the greater its typographic source by sketching a “portrait” of this worker in image. Finally, contrasting the rules aiming at poetic results described above, I sought to register, with a more humanistic eye, digital poetry inspired by the key words of this ideology, such as “goals” and “entrepreneurship.``

My goal
The more I search
More incomplete
An oasis
Never give up

My goal
The more I search
The less I calm down
An oasis
Never give up

My goal
The more I search
The more black boxes
An oasis
Never giv

We’re always open
For deliveries to your home
Feed your customer hunger
I take you anywhere

Dilemma I carry with me
(A diligent entrepreneur)
Why is it the more I chew
The more I get devoured?

In addition to the fragile teeth
That I feed with my sweat
A more savage hunger is hidden
There’s an even bigger mouth

Throughout the warehouse
Where do I pass on my path
I observe the routine
Of the most obsolete

They are just people
No name to distinguish them
Like the boxes on the mats
But only one, and successive.

Their mouths multiplied
Are described as a “team”
But after chewed
Are spat out like rotten meat

From the company
Of these people from the sheds
What can I leave?
What advice? Reflections?

Only the relationship
Of our common need
Only this relationship
Woven by goals to be achieved.

I wish you a great visit and hope you enjoy and connect with the images and projects that have been accompanying me throughout my life trajectory. Take care!