When I Can Make My Choices, Will I Be Able To Choose A Bit Of Forgetting?_


Helena was born on 22 March 2013. In our maternity room, a TV watched over her activity in the baby unit. Barely six hours after it had started, her life had already been split between the real and the virtual. This will be probably be repeated throughout her life: ever smaller, more portable, even wearable cameras, all over the city, as well as videos and photos published and shared on social networks, will build a growing virtual archive of her life. Storing ever more information to be shared freely with the world would seem to be a good thing for society. On an individual level, however, these images led me to ask a number of questions: how will such exposure change the habits of her generation? Will being under this omnipresent gaze mean that she will be more scared of making mistakes and, as a result, more scared of pursuing ideas that challenge what is around her? And if she does make a mistake? Will her mistakes follow her for the rest of her life? Will her whole life always be just a few googles away from anyone who wants to find out about it and interpret it? In the future, will it become unusual to want a bit of privacy? In short, will she have the simple right to be forgotten?

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